Alexander Shaw

P.O. Box 6442 • Naperville • IL • 60567


Summary of Qualifications

Eight years of experience in programming, system development, and system administration.  Extensive Visual C++ and Visual Basic background.  Comprehensive knowledge of personal computer software, hardware, and peripherals.  Well-versed in delivering technical presentations.  Outstanding scientific and business analytical skills.  Seasoned Internet user.


Work Experience

2002-present     Explosives Detection Specialist, Homeland Security, Chicago, IL

¨      Detect explosives via CT scan, x-ray and trace detection methods.

¨      Certified in several types of EDS and ETD machines.

2001-present     Sr. Analyst, Higgins Consulting (Contractual), Chicago, IL

¨      Gathered specification requirements and business rules for projects.

¨      Developed software using Perl, VC++ and VB.Net and server-side scripts.

¨      Specialized in IT solutions for small financial-based businesses and Supply Chain Management solutions.

¨      Involved in total software lifecycle.

2000-2001                  Programmer Analyst, Fidelity National Information Solutions, Chicago, IL

¨      Developed Jukebox Auditor software, using Visual C++, that compares the contents of SQLServer databases and optical platter jukeboxes.

¨      Developed COM object libraries using VB6 and XML.

¨      Created developer’s guide and web interface for object libraries using ASP/VBScript and Jscript.

¨      Developed and maintained all InstallShield applications for the Imaging team.

3/2000-9/2000   Visiting Research Programmer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, CCSO/DUS (Contractual), Champaign, IL

¨      Administered to the Office of Dean of Students (ODOS) using a NT/2000/Novell hybrid network.

¨      Developed the ODOS website on an IIS server using ASP/VBScript, with a MS Access backend.

7/1998-3/2000   Software Engineer II, Lexis Document Services, Division of Lexis-Nexis Corporation, Springfield, IL

¨      Created database systems using VB6, SQLServer and VC++/COM.

¨      Tracked the progress of all projects in IS department for the Director of IS using MS Project 98 and MS Excel.

¨      Maintained company billing system using SQLServer, VC++/COM and VB/COM.

¨      Generated monthly bills using Crystal Reports, UNIX, Pervasive SQL and Btrieve databases.

12/1997-6/1998     Application Developer, Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety (IDNS), Computer Services Division (Contractual), Springfield, IL

¨      Converted databases from Oracle and FoxPro to SQLServer/VB.

¨      Created user’s manuals for the newly converted database.

¨      Wrote database/mail merge applications on VAX/VMS using C and MS Word

6/1997-12/1997     Website Administrator, Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), Systems and Licensing (Contractual), Springfield, IL

¨      Developed, implemented and administered a Microsoft IIS server.

¨      Supervised system and webpage design, development using HTML, ASP and Jscript, and all supporting documentation.

¨      Determined feasibility of software, hardware and development tools for a variety of projects.

¨      Utilized Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Website v1.1, Webtrends, Novell and NT.

12/1995-6/1997     Programmer, University of Illinois at Springfield, Career Services & Placement, Springfield, IL

¨      Created and maintained website on UNIX platform

¨      Designed several statistical databases using SQLServer with Visual Basic interface.

4/1996-9/1996      Computer Tech (CO-OP), Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Data Processing Division (Internship), Springfield, IL

¨      Maintained, upgraded and installed all forms of network equipment, PC software and hardware for IDOT District 6 users.

¨      Created databases using MS Access.



C++, C, VC++, VB, VBScript, COM, UNIX Script, Perl, VAX BASIC, XML, JavaScript


Education and relevant class work

M.S. in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Springfield, 3.43 GPA, June 2004

            Advanced Network Administration using Microsoft and Novell

            Designing and Evaluating Graphical User Interfaces

            Software Testing and Reliability

            Network Programming using UNIX and Linux-based C

            Advanced Software Engineering

            Cisco Routers

            Computer Ethics

B.S. in Computer Science, University of Illinois at Springfield, May 1998

            Data Structures and Algorithms in UNIX-based C++

            Parallel Processing

            Microprocessors and Computer Architecture


            Software Engineering

            Computer Networking using UNIX and Linux

            Operating Systems (UNIX, Linux, MS, OS/2, DOS)

Web Development and E-Commerce – Microsoft Platform (190 class hours)

Advanced Computer Training Corp, Glenview, IL December 2003

Module 1: Web programming - Jscript, VBScript, DHTML, MSDN (40hrs)

Module 2: Programming Objects and Relational DBs – VB.Net classes, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading/overriding methods, SQLServer 2000, ADO, DDL, DML, SQL (40hrs)

Module 3: Client Side Dev, DHTML, DOM, CSS, Server Side Dev, ASP Objects, COM, COM+, DCOM, Database integration, MTS, CMS, IIS and Index Server. (60hrs)

Module 4: Microsoft .Net Framework, VB.Net, ADO.Net, C#, J#, XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI (50hrs)


Associations and Certifications

            Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

            Former Fulton County Georgia Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy

            Certified Laboratory Analyst- State of Georgia

            Secret Security Clearance as of January 2003